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What is Web3? – Decentralized Architecture for the Future.

Internet services have evolved since their invention, and like every other invention, the evolution always brings about the establishment of new and most advanced features. If you’ve not heard of the latest advancement in the evolution of the internet, permit me to introduce you to web 3.0, which is another one of the metaverse changes. […]

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Ledger Nano X Review

Since the invention of a cryptocurrency over some years back, several attempts have been made to develop more advanced, safe, and user-friendly wallets to store them. As of now, a hardware wallet which is a physical device usually used to store cryptocurrency private keys in a secure encrypted format is the current pearl standard for […]

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YanDNA New IPFS BlockChain; What Does This Mean?

Say hello to the new IPFS blockchain on the block! YanDNA is a newly launched data storage product that enables you to have full control of your data. PAC protocol, which is the largest data blockchain network focused on decentralized storage, recently announced the official release of their YanDNA product. It is as exciting as […]

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Brave Browser Review 2022

Brave browser is currently one of the most popular browsers used in the UK and the world at large. This is because of how remarkable its features are. If you are new to this browser, you need not worry because this guide has got everything you need to know about the Brave browser. Moreover, if […]

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