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How To Create A Node Using StrongBlock

StrongBlock Node
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In the blockchain ecosystem, we have the miners and the nodes. The miners usually receive a reward when they solve a mathematical problem. The case was very different for the nodes who did not receive any rewards until recently when that changed. There wasn’t even any system to rate nodes and reward the ones that performed better than others. Then out of the blue, StrongBlock came up with a DeFi protocol that rewards nodes for performing better.

This is exactly what you think it means: when you use the StrongBlock platform, you can create a node in a short time (seconds or minutes), and you can receive rewards for your nodes in the form of STRONG tokens! In this article, we offer simple, practical steps on how to create a node using StrongBlock. If this sounds good to you and you want to know how you can create a node using StrongBlock, read our simple, step-by-step guide to create your node and start piling up those STRONG tokens as soon as possible.

What is a node?

When we are talking in the context of cryptocurrency, we refer to a node as a computer that is connected to a cryptocurrency network. The nodes perform several functions, such as receiving and sending information. The importance of a node cannot be underestimated, especially since it is vital to the effective function of a cryptocurrency network.

Typically, the blockchain ecosystem has two main components. They are the miner and the node. The miner is responsible for creating the blocks in the blockchain and validating new transactions as well. The node, on the other hand, is a device that has the entire transaction history that has taken place in the blockchain. The essence of the blockchain nodes is that they connect, transmit, and even store decentralized blockchain data.

There are three main types of nodes, and they are:

Full node

This is the node that is more preferred for you to earn STRONG tokens. It stores a full copy of the blockchain data and verifies any network blocks and states.

Light node

The light node stores the header chain and requests all the data from the Full nodes. It is good for platforms that have a low capacity.

Archive node

The archive stores a full copy of the blockchain data and states. It is also useful for actions like running block explorers, analysing chain data, and others.

Why do we choose StrongBlock?

We have to say that StrongBlock is a highly efficient reward platform for nodes. It may surprise you to find out that they are the first and only blockchain platform to reward nodes for supporting the infrastructure of their blockchain. StrongBlock uses a protocol that uses the STRONG token as an incentive to encourage nodes to perform better. The STRONG protocol used is very vital for the creation of secure blockchain networks.

  • When you use StrongBlock, you can create your node in a very short time. Your node should appear in a few seconds, or it might take a couple of minutes for the transaction to be complete.
  • It is an efficient reward system for nodes. The platform creates the opportunity for you to add your node and receive STRONG tokens every single day.

Important things you’ll need for the node application process

  • A wallet address that contains at least 10 STRONG. It is in this wallet address that you’ll receive your rewards after your application is successful.
  • A valid email address
  • A valid public website URL
  • A unique RRC endpoint
  • A unique ws endpoint
  • A valid sbethereum.json file on a domain that you own

Our guide to creating a node using strong block

Choose a wallet

You can’t create a node without having a wallet first. There are many wallets available for your use. Make sure that the one you choose is compatible with the platform. Metamask is a suitable digital wallet that you could use. It works well with StrongBlock, and it is highly recommended by the people who use it. There’s no use in getting a wallet if it isn’t compatible with the StrongBlock platform where you plan to create your nodes.

To take things up a notch, you can add Metamask as an extension on any of your browsers. This can easily be done through the Metamask website.

Get some coins for your wallet

The next step is for you to buy ethereum. You cannot create a node without having any ethereum. You will need ethereum in your wallet to cover the cost of the transactions. The gas fees are not stable, but you can check to see the amount at any time through the Etherscan Gas Tracker.

Buy STRONG for your wallet

At this point, you are already halfway through your node creation journey. You should go on to connect your wallet to any crypto exchange platform that works for you. Purchase 10 STRONG coins and store them in your wallet for the rest of the process.

Create the node

As soon as you visit the page, you’ll see a prompt to “Create your Node now”. Since you have the required amount of crypto to continue the process, you can now click on it. This is the point where you get to infuse the details into the node.

The details determine the identity of the node. Such details include the name of the node and the description of the node. Whatever name you decide to give your node is up to you, but we advise that you use something that makes tracking your nodes easy. The description of the node is important as well. Just like the node name, you should use a good description that will help you track your nodes easily.

Put the finishing touches

This is a very crucial step in creating a node using StrongBlock. If you have successfully reached this point, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because you are almost there! After creating the node description, you should check the terms and conditions and review them. If you are okay with it, click to confirm your agreement.

After that, you have to confirm that the ethereum in your wallet is sufficient enough to go on with the transactions. If the ethereum in your wallet is enough, you can continue with the process. If the ethereum is not enough, you have two options. You can either purchase more ethereum in your wallet to proceed with the transaction or you can hold on for a while until the gas fees come down a little so that you can continue to create your node.

Now you have your node

After paying for the transaction, you’ll have to wait for a while before the node appears. You’ll have to wait for a couple of minutes. During this time, all you have to do is exercise patience and don’t pay twice while waiting. After a few minutes of waiting, your node will appear in the “My nodes” tab, and that indicates that the entire process is complete.

StrongBlock is a straightforward platform to create your nodes on. There are currently two methods through which you can submit nodes to be eligible for your rewards. They are:

●      Nodes As A Service, also called Naas

This is probably the reward system that you are familiar with. With Naas, the user can create a Full node type very easily and in under a few minutes. The node will be maintained by StrongBlock. As you already know, it requires you to have at least 10 STRONG tokens. The good thing about it is that there isn’t much technical expertise required for the process. You have to pay a monthly maintenance fee in ETH. Another thing that you do need to know is that the rewards and the fees are not rigid. They change from time to time.

●     BYON

BYON, the users involved need to have at least 10 STRONG tokens in their wallets. Any reward that is received will go straight to the wallet you use to carry out the transactions. With BYON, you make your own choices. You can decide to use your equipment or rent a VPS from any provider.

Wrap Up

StrongBlock is the first platform to ever reward nodes for their performance. Through this approach, it is believed that it will serve as a push and motivational factor to encourage nodes to perform better. Through the rating mechanism, it becomes pretty easy to compare and determine which of the nodes is performing better than the other.

As long as you follow the detailed guide above, you should be able to have your nodes ready in a short time. If you read this article well, you already know what’s in it for you. You have the opportunity to earn rewards every day.

With the platform, you also play your part in helping StrongBlock to make nodes perform better through the reward system. Make a node today, and who knows, you just might make a difference.